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I am currently enrolled in the CHOOSEMATHS Mentor's programme (organised by AMSI).


Research bites from SRAP: 'Searching for structures in random sets of integers' - Instituto Cervantes, Sydney (October 2017).

I collaborated with the UNSW Mathematics Enrichment Club.

The club runs as an extra-curricular event at several Sydney schools, to encourage mathematical understanding and appreciation among students, but everyone can join in by working through the weekly problem sheets.

Australian Museum Science Festival - Organised by the Faculty of Science, UNSW (August 2017).

National Youth Science Forum - University of New South Wales (July 2017).

Girls do the Maths + Crafty Mathematics - University of New South Wales (May 2017)

Science work experience program - University of New South Wales (December 2016)

L'Oreal Girls in Science Forum - University of New South Wales (October 2016)
Collaborated designing an activity for 15 y.o. girls on how to solve optimization problems using bubbles.

Programa 4°ESO + Empresa - ICMAT (2013 and 2014)
Coordinated and designed a series of activities for 14 y.o. kids.

Researcher's Night - Madrid (2012)
Designed an activity for the general public:
  'Ser Simple es complicado: modelos matemáticos del cerebro'

Semana de la Ciencia - Universidad Autónoma de Madrid
Participated in several activities designed for 15 y.o. kids:
  'The geometry of Bubbles' (2010).
  'Origami and Polyhedra' (2011).
  'Mathematics and Magic' (2012).
  'Mathematical games' (2013).


Pannel discussion after the event 'Research Bites from SRAP'
Instituto Cervantes, Sydney.

media collaboration


about the Mathematics behind the Lottery in 'A vivir que son dos días' (Ser, 2013), about prime numbers and its properties in 'Eureka' (RNE, 2013) and about the ABC Conjecture in 'Principio de incertidumbre' (Radio Extremadura, 2013).


Agata Timón and Ana Zumalacárregui, Una conjetura en el limbo de las Matemáticas, Materia. Available here.


Juanjo Rué and Ana Zumalacárregui, Las matemáticas del Planeta Tierra, 3.4 Matemáticas y redes,221-240, Unidad Didáctica editada por FECYT (2014). Available here.

M. Kolountzakis and Maté Matolcsi (translated to Spanish by Ana Zumalacárregui) Tillings by translation, Gaceta de la RSME, 13 (4), 725-746 (2010).

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